Travel Nibbles: "Wishbone" Chicken

Hey Everyone! 🙂

      Since it’s Tuesday here in lovely Sydney, I thought I would start a new series called, “Travel Tuesday.” (Yayy for alliteration!) I have just come back from a holiday in Europe with my cousin Kelly just recently and thought I would review some of the places incase you ever find yourselves around these areas and feeling a bit peckish, your food dilemma is solved!
    Just to feel a bit festive about my new segment I thought I would have a little pic to go along with it.
Received this cute scratch map from my brother for xmas so, I can scratch away all the countries I’ve been to 🙂

Review: “Wishbone” Chicken
           Where: 12 Market Row, Brixton, London, SW9 8LD. Brixton Market           Website:

  •    After 24 hours on a plane and arriving at Heathrow Airport at 5am in the morning I was seriously starving. But, my growling stomach had to wait because we needed to make the long journey to my Kelly’s sister’s place (yup, also my cousin) in Clapham North before we could get anything in our bellies. Because we were there so early, we wanted to take a walk around Central London after breakky so the 10 minute walk to Brixton sounded perfect. My cousin who had been living in England for almost two years by this stage had suggested we go to “Wishbone” for lunch. All she said was fried chicken and I was SOLD!
   Now, I blame the jetlag for how much we ordered but, I’m so glad we did because this chicken was AH-MAZING. It was still quite early for lunch so there was much of an atmosphere but I loved the quirky chalkboard menu thing they had going on, the bar was nice and the tables were high (which is a tad hard to get up on when you’re only standing at 153cm tall but food is food, gotta soak in the atmosphere hey?). 


Terrible picture of the cute chalkboard. Used the flash on my camera. Rookie mistake Jo.


This is what we ordered: (forgot to mention that all their chicken is Free-Range.)

– The “Buffalo” wings
– The “Chicken Shop” wings
                 all wings at 4.50 GBP (approx. $6.50 AUD)
– The “Thai” thighs
– The “Salt ‘N’ Pepa” thighs
                 both at 5.50 GBP (approx. $8.45 AUD)
– “Slaw”at 2.50 GBP (approx. $3.85 AUD)
– “Deep friend Mac & Cheese” at 4.50 GBP (approx. $6.50 AUD)
                All prices as of 26th of March but, I was at “Wishbone” on the 24th of Jan, 2013?
From bottom left to right: “Thai Thighs,” “Salt ‘N’ Pepa (with the lime),” “Chicken Shop,” “Buffalo” and “Deep fried Macaroni & Cheese” in the styrofome cup.
   Anyway, back to taste. I thought the “Thai” thighs were so scrumptious! It definitely did not taste like plastic meat/texture that you get at many fast food places and it had the right balance between the tang of chilli/ tamarind and freshness of the mint/ shallots. All our dishes were made to order to the wait time was probably 15 minutes but, everything was nice and hot. Price wise, it was a tad higher than I had expected. The thigh portion was quite small but quality was good and the outer crumb was crispy which is just the way you want it to be.
   The “Salt ‘N’ Pepa” thighs were equally crisp. They were basically your standard salt and pepper squid type of seasoning except “Wishbone” takes it a step further with the asian mayo. This asian mayo was delicious! It wasn’t too creamy and oily in your mouth but added the right tang and sweetness that your average tartare sauce could not provide. I don’t know what they do with that mayo but it really kicks this dish up a notch.
   The wings on the other hand, had 6 wings in each basket. My favourite was the “Chicken Shop” out of the two. It only had a BBQ marinade but, the simplicity made them awesome. They were still crispy and a great flavour kick of BBQ sauce. They weren’t too sweet either which I was expecting them to be.
   The “Buffalo” wings were good. They weren’t crispy but, the meat just fell off the bone and melts in your mouth. They put a tonne of marinade on these wings so expect your hands to be messy if you do decide to order them. They do have quite the kick to them so if you can’t take chilli make sure someone in your party will be able to finish them. The blue cheese dipping sauce that looked more like ranch sauce to me did cut some of that taste but I felt that if you dipped too much, it overpowered the tang of the marinade.
   The “Slaw” side we ordered was mediocre. I guess if you wanted something cold to balance all those strong flavours then order it but nothing I couldn’t get in Australia so if I’m ever in England again I would probably pass on it.
   The “deep fried Macaroni cheese” on the other hand was awesome. I don’t know if it was because of the concept of deep fried pasta that made me squeal in excitement or the taste. I’ve never even heard of deep-fried macoroni before. I was expecting the dish to come in a small ceramic bowl with crispy bread crumbs on top like a pie but no, they cam out in like rectangular shaped macaroni & cheese filled chocolate bars. The first bite was awesome! They were cheesy, smoking hot inside and crispy on the outside. The only thing was, they gave us three in the serving and after one, I could not have possibly eaten more because it was just too rich. I have never heard of anything like that from Sydney before so, if you’re ever there and love macaroni & cheese/ fried foods, it’s a must!
So all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed “Wishbone.” I think it’s a good and satisfying lunch that you can have with a small group of friends. I do hope you give it a try and if you ever do give it a try or make some fried chicken be sure to leave a comment below! Or if you enjoyed this review or have any other suggestions, I would love to read them!
Hope you all have an amazing week,
x Jo.

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    so long! but looks amazing!


  4. yeah, I wanted to be as detailed as I could be 🙂


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