Travel Nibbles: "Borough Market"

Hey everyone!

A week has flown by and it’s Tuesday again already! I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and enjoyed feasting on some delicious food. Speaking of a feast, I certainly had my own little food festival at “Borough Market.” This week, I want to give you a few reviews of some of the dishes I tried there.


“Borough Market” Review:

Where: 8 Southwark Street, London SE1 1TL                  Website:

   My cousin had suggested we make a trip to “Borough Market” on a Saturday as all the stalls would be open. Lucky we did! There was quite the crowd when we arrived but, it just added to the atmosphere. There were fresh veggies and fruit on sale, vintage cheese, home-made dips, pestos, cakes, etc, every food lovers dream! Which is why, we did not stop at just one food stall.
A store at “Borough Market” selling exotic meats
Food Stop #1.

   Our first stop was a chorizo burger place. Unfortunately, I forgot to write down the name of the stall and have been browsing on their website for the name but have had no luck. However, I do know that it’s on Stoney Street towards Rochester Walk. Anyway, this burger consisted of chorizo, grilled
patties, rocket and a splash of olive oil. It was made to order and at 4GBP (approx. $5.80 AUD) I have to say I was a tad disappointed. While the chorizo was home made and was flavoursome, most of my bites were of crispy bread and rocket. They do offer to add an extra chorizo to your burger for 2GBP but, I wanted to try other foods so I didn’t go for that option. To me, this burger was mediocre, standard priced and imbalanced in terms of the components inside so, not a must.
Chorizo burger: too much bread compared to chorizo

Food Stop #2: “Roast.”

Where: Located in Middle Road of the markets.                 Website:

     I definitely remember the name of this bad boy. Wow. This is seriously the best roast pork roll I have ever eaten. That’s actually saying something because I don’t usually like eating a lot pork but “Roast.” changed my mind for sure. The line was about a 15 minute wait and after the first Chorizo burger round, this had to be amazing. At 6.50 GBP (approx. $9.40 AUD) I thought it was a tad expensive for a roll but, it certainly delivered. The bread was soft like a burger bun. The pork was succulent, juicy and the meat portion was just right. The large crackling in the roll added a crunch and great texture. Combine the saltiness of it all, the apple sauce spread added another dimension to the taste making it sweet but also balancing out the salt. It just melted in my mouth and I wish I came back to grab another roll. 😦 It was that good!

    They have a restaurant next to their stall where you could sit for a meal but, I wasn’t able to try as they were fully booked when I wanted to go.

Bad angle shot. Doesn’t do it much justice but, MUST try!

 Food Stop #3: “Pieminister.”
Where: Green Market of the market towards the Southwalk Cathedral.   Website:

        Apart from fish and chips I had to try a pie in England. I walked past quite a few gourmet pie places but the line for those were not as big compared to the crowd around “Pieminster.” I do have to say I was quite amazed at the sizes of pies in England compared to Australia. I never thought that pies in England would actually look like the pies in the ‘Sweeney Todd!’ They’re huge and had so much more pastry. I ordered the ‘Moo’ pie that consisted of British beef steak, cracked pepper and real ale with mash and gravy. If you bought the pie by itself I believe it was 4GBP ($5.80) or 6.50 GBP ($9.40) with the gravy and mash. The pie was steaming hot and they served the it in a nice little cardboard box which is nice if you wanted to eat on the go or take home. The filling had chunky steak inside and you could really taste the tang of the ale. The pastry was thick, flakey and crisp just the way you want it to be. I was quite full by this stage so if you do want to try more foods I suggest just getting the pie. The flavours are all in the pie and the gravy/mash seemed more of a novelty.


Steaming hot pie, mash and gravy at “Pieminister.”

Food Stop #4: “Kappacesein”

Where: Green Market on the Southwalk Chapel side next to “Pieminister.” Website:
      I had never heard of ‘Raclette’ before so when my cousin brought this over I didn’t think much of it. ‘Raclette’ is a name of a cheese but also a Swiss dish where the cheese is heated and then the melted cheese is scrapped  off. The melted Raclette was poured on a bed of potatoes with a side serving of baby gherkins. It may not sound that appetising but, the simplicity of this dish was certainly one of the winners. The sharp, mature taste of raclette was balanced out by the tang of the baby gherkins so you have a mix of salty, sour, sweet all in one mouthful. The taste is quite strong so if you love cheese and potatoes, I say this is a must. My cousin purchased this so I don’t remember the exact price but by judging by the rest of the market food, I would say it was no more than 6GBP.
Raclette. New food experience!

Hope you enjoyed these little reviews from “Borough Market” and be sure to check it out if you’re ever there. Would love to read your thoughts!

Hope you have an amazing week.
Eat away!
Jo x.


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