‘Felix Bistro and Bar’ Review.

“Felix Bistro and Bar” Review
Where: 2 Ash Street, Sydney, 2000.  Website: http://merivale.com.au/felix/

Bonjour Mademoiselles and Miser!

I have heard many rave reviews of “Felix” before finally experiencing the French brasserie for myself. “Felix Bistro and Bar” is one of Merivale’s most highly-rated restaurants serving modern European cuisine with a one chef’s hat rating added to it’s name.
I had been quite unorganised on my food endeavour but managed to secure a 9:30PM reservation on a bustling Friday night. Upon arrival, the detail in the surrounding back drop of “Felix Bistro and Bar” immediately caught my eye. To the dim light, the chairs to the ceiling and tiling felt so authentic as if we had teleported ourselves across the globe. To add to the Parisian atmosphere, the waiter that greeted my partner and I had a French-accent as well. I do love a good European accent, definitely added to the experience.
To start off our feasting, I ordered the ‘St. Daisy’ cocktail ($18) which was a tad pricey but the balance between the mint, ginger, apple juice and Elderflower Liquer was delicious. I also liked the fact it came in a skinny jug and was at least three servings. My partner ordered the ‘Homemade Ginger Ale’ ($8) which was just right, not too sweet and complimented our dishes well.

Homemade Ginger Ale ($8)
St Daisy’s ($18)

For the entree, I ordered the ‘Chicken liver pate, current relish and cornicorns’ ($16). This was by far the star of the night. The pate was creamy and melts in your mouth. Combined with the cranberries and pickled gherkins this dish is definitely a must.
As for the second entree, my partner ordered the fish of the day. We asked the waiter for the name of the fish but, “Felix” was so loud, his answer was lost in the crowd. The fish was cooked to perfection with the skin as crispy as can be. The dish was fresh and the mussles, prawn and mushroom white sauce was flavoursome which really added an edge to the dish.

Chicken pate, current relish and cornicorns. ($16)
The fish of the day ($28)

For mains, we went a bit food crazy. We ordered the ‘Steak frites Rangers Valley sirloin and herb butter,’ ($38 the ‘Lamb pie, sauteed mushrooms and tarragon jus,’ ($32) fries ($8) and a ‘spinach and rocket salad with spanish onion, feta, croutons.’ ($8)

              The Steak was cooked perfectly at medium rare. The meat was soft and seasoned well. I found the gravy too salty to accompany the steak and similar mistake with the fries which was smothered in salt. While the chips were cripsy, we were unable to finish the fries on my plate and also as our side. Overall, the steak was amazing, the accompanying aspects on the dish were a let down.
               The Lamb pie on the other hand was very different to anything I had ever tasted. The lamb was encased in a ball of pastry which sat on a bed of mushy peas and tarragon jus. The pastry casing was amazing. It had an great crust to it and combined with the tenderness of the lamb, it was delicious. On it’s own, the lamb was again quite salty however, by mixing all the components together everything balances out.
The Spinach and rocket salad was supposed to be our ‘healthier’ option. The amount of feta and dressing on this salad was generous to say to least. With that said, it was delicious and would gladly clog my arteries away. I felt quite sick after demolishing the majority of the dish but it was just scrumptious. If you like feta, you’ll love this!
               We were so full by the end with our food babies, we couldn’t fit in dessert. So silly of us. I do blame the late reservation for our fast chow down.

Steak frites Rangers Valley sirloin and herb butter ($38)
Lamb pie with sauteed mushrooms and tarragon jus ($32)
Mains are served

Overall, it was a great experience with the chicken pate definitely reigning supreme. While it was a great atmosphere and experience it did leave quite the hole in our pockets. If you want the same experience but have a budget, they do offer a Prix Fixe menu that has set course prices from between 5:30PM- 6:30PM everyday.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend.
Au revoir!
Jo x.


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