Travel Nibbles: ‘The Bobbin’

Hey Everyone,
It’s Tuesday!

This week, I’m still reviewing in London, England but my travel photos are telling me I may just be heading to the land of spaghetti next week.
‘The Bobbin’
Where: 1-3 Lillieshall Rd, Clapham Common, London SW4 0LN Website:
       This week I embark on another must when in the United Kingdom. Yes, that’s right, it’s Sunday Roast. 
        By this stage, we’ve had one busy week doing the usual tourist-y thing so Sunday was relaxing day. We had reservations for 3pm so I was quite the hungry hippo by this stage.
        When I lay my eyes on ‘The Bobbin’ it really hit that I was in England. It’s just like I’ve always imagined an English pub to be. When you walk in, the staff immediately greet you and the ambience is just so heart-warming and home-like. Every table has a cute pot of flowers and the mix between their plaid chairs and blue wall/ chairs just makes it so cosy.
       ‘The Bobbin’ also offers scotch eggs on their menu but unfortunately, we were too late and they had sold out. 
       I ordered the ‘roast pork with apple sauce, vegetables and Yorkshire pudding’. While my poor photography skills does not do the dish justice, this roast was amazing. The pork was sweet and tender, the crackling was crisp, the Yorkshire pudding soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside, vegetables cooked to perfection and top that off with a gravy that wasn’t salty and just complimented all the aspects of the dish? Best roast I have ever had. 

Roast pork with apple sauce, vegetables and Yorkshire pudding.

My cousin, Kelly on the other hand ordered the ‘roast beef with vegetables and Yorkshire pudding’. I didn’t taste much of hers but from what I could see, the beef was the perfect medium-rare. I have a picture below but, I was probably so hungry I had the shakes and thus, another terrible picture. I might also add that Kelly isn’t a massive fan of sauces and she gobbled that gravy up like it was water. So well done, ‘The Bobbin.’


Hunger = shakes = poor picture of ‘Roast Beef’ dish.

        Both roasts I believe were around the 13-15 GBP mark (approx. 18-21 AUD) so not too bad at all for good quality and generous portion. If I was in the area, I would gladly visit ‘The Bobbin’ again and perhaps try their other dishes. 

        We also tried their ‘Chocolate lava cake with ice cream’ which was quite good. The chocolate centre melted smoothly as soon as we dug in and the richness of the chocolate was balanced by the creaminess of the vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately, we ate most of it before I remembered to take a picture but, you just have to trust me on this one. 
         All in all, it was a wonderful first pub experience and I would totally recommend ‘The Bobbin.’
Hope you’re all having a lovely week and speak to you all soon.
Jo x.



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