Travel Nibbles: ‘Life’ Review

Ciao Nibblers!

This week, we find ourselves in Rome, Italy. I had high expectations for Rome. I couldn’t wait to eat pizza, have gelato even in winter and eat my carbs load of pasta.

The best thing about travelling in Europe is having ‘Trip Advisor’ installed onto your phone so that you can log in to get instant reviews of places to stay, eat and things to do wherever you are. It’s great as most of the reviews are written by other travellers that have already been so it helps you make an informed decision. Restaurants even advertise their rating in the window to attract tourists.

I find it that a two hour flight in Europe takes you across several countries which in our case was England to Italy, while in Australia, a two hour plane trip only lands you across states.
   We were starving when we landed. Our first Trip Advisor place, ‘Ristorante Tema’ we tried received 4.5/5 ratings and, it was such a bust it’s worth blogging about. We ordered the risotto, fettucine and gnocchi all with mushrooms and honestly every thing was just tasteless. The pasta was also still hard in the centre. Not a first great impression of pasta in Rome.

        By dinner time, we were so hungry that we decided to give another Trip Advisor recommendation and decided on ‘Life.’

‘Life’ Review

Where: Via della Vite 00187, Rome                                                                                  Website:
         ‘Life’ has a very modern, sophisticated feel to it. It has a 4.5/5 rating on Trip advisor but after the lunch disappointment, we weren’t expecting much from this. Staff were very welcoming and happily answered all of our questions.
        For our shared entree, we ordered the ‘Smoked duck breast with pears and honey.’ We mostly ordered this for the urge to try something new. It tastes like a less salty, sweeter version of proscuitto. With the accompanying pear/honey sauce it really gives it another texture and dimension. It was great with the side of bread as well. However, the bread was nothing special on its own. Hard on the outside and cold/dry on the inside.
‘Smoked duck breast with pear/honey’ €10.00 (approx. $13 AUD)

For the mains, my cousin Katy ordered the ‘Home made short pasta with Scampi from Mediterranean sea, Sea Bass, tomato.’ I took a bite of hers and the pasta was al dente. It had a great tomato flavour and even though it looked like a small serving, there was a lot on there. It came out steaming hot and was such an improvement on lunch’s offering. This is what I imagine pasta to taste like in Italy. 

Home made short pasta with Scampi from Mediterranean sea, sea bass & tomato’ €14.00 (approx. $18 AUD)

Kelly and I went for the pizza. We were only going to be in Italy for 3-4 days so we wanted to tackle everything as quickly as possible. Kelly ordered the ‘Carbonara’ pizza. These pizzas had a thin crust and quite generous in their meat offering. The diameter was about 20cm so we were pretty stuffed by the end of it. What I loved about Kelly’s was you could see the marks from the pizza cooking under a woodfire and a nicely cooked egg directly in the centre that shouts ‘carbonara’ at you. I had a bit of hers and it was pretty good. Had lots of flavour and was exactly like a carbonara but in pizza form. Such a great concept.

‘Carbonara’ pizza € 9.00 (approx. $11 AUD)

I ordered the ‘Pollo’ pizza. This consisted of mozzarella cheese, chicken, bacon, tommato and was a but spicy. I enjoyed this. It came out fresh and hot and the topics span out pretty much around the whole base, there was not really a crust I had to chew on. Flavours were there and it was delicious. The only thing is there wasn’t much generosity in the meat department.

Pollo’ pizza €10.00 (approx. $13 AUD)

For dessert, we ordered two dishes. The first was ‘Pastry with chantilly cream and dark chocolate.’ I love chantilly cream so when I saw it on the menu I had to. The pastry was crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. Mix that with the sweet creaminess of the chantilly and this was absolute heaven. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

‘Pastry with chantilly cream and dark chocolate.’ € 5.00 (approx. $7 AUD)

And what is a trip to Italy without trying ‘Tiramisu?’ Presentation wise it wasn’t the best but, it sure packed a punch. The coffe flavour was intense but with the cream on top it balanced out wonderfully. Judging on the last dessert and this one they’re doing pretty well in the sweets department.

‘Home-made Tiramisu’ €5.00 (approx. $7 AUD)

That rounds up our first Roma dining experience. Try and finish your exploring around the Spanish steps because ‘Life’ is located around there. I liked this place and if I ever go back to Italy I would probably come back to ‘Life.’ I also have to add that if you come to Italy expecting pasta to be stuffed meat sauces and bacon, you’ll be disappointed. I learnt that an Italian dinner course consists of four courses. The first would be your entree (e.g. bruschetta), your first course (pasta with mushrooms usually), your second course (steak, fish aka. meat course) and then your dessert. So, if you’re craving some protein, the second course menus is probably what you should look at.

Hope you’re all having a great week!

Jo x.


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