Meat Wine & Co. Review

Hey Nibblers!

A couple of weeks ago, my amazing bestie, Lily turned 20. She wanted to have steak so we opted to try ‘Meat Wine & Co.’ There were 7 in our dinner group and we had reservations so there was no wait to get in.

Meat Wine & Co.
Where: L1, 31 Wheat Rd, IMAX Theatre Complex, Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour   Website:

           When we arrived, there was quite a bustle. People were chatting away and the atmosphere was great for a catch-up with friends or a night for romance.
For our entree, we ordered the ‘Tasting Plate’ which consisted of ‘Szechuan calamari and nam jim sauce, bruschetta, Louisiana chicken wings and Portugese prawns served with a cabbage, capsicum and brown rice pilaf.’
The calamari was delicious. Crispy and flavoursome! I definitely wanted some more.
The bruschetta was nothing special. They were very generous with their tomato and cheese but, nothing special where it would be a must.
The chicken wings were surprising good. I thought they may have been dry inside because the pieces were small. However, it packed a heap of flavour and were moist, perfectly cooked inside.
The prawns were my favourite starter. The nam jim sauce they cooked the prawns in was divine. It was spicy but not enough to overtake your taste buds. The prawns were cooked to perfection and I would definitely order this again.

Tasting Plate ($55 AUD)

We also wanted some greens on the side so, we ordered the Meat Wine & Co. salad that consisted of avocado, sliced biltong, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red capsicum, mixed lettuce with a sweet ginger, garlic , citrus dressing.

           For what we paid, I don’t think it was worth it at all. The portion was tiny and the avocado looked great for presentation but were hard as rock and weren’t ripe enough to eat. The dressing didn’t taste as it was described. It more was a citrus and oil dressing with no huge hint of the ginger or garlic flavours. Would probably pass on this salad.

The MWC Salad ($19 AUD)

For the mains, the girls all ordered the 300g Rump which came with a side of chips and optional side sauce. I didn’t go for a side sauce for my Rump but, I did try the mushroom sauce and it wasn’t bad. I won’t say it was brilliant and a must but, it ties in well with the steak.

             The rump was so juicy and moist. Cooked to the perfect medium – rare as I had asked them too and the grilled marks were fabulous.
             The side of chips was just as dazzling. The potato just melted in your mouth and the crisp outside added to whole experience.
Rump with a side of chips ($27 AUD) + Mushroom sauce ($4 AUD)

The boys on the other hand shared three dishes. I didn’t try much of it but, presentation was clean and inviting. The first dish was the 400g New York Monte Dry-Aged with a side of creamy garlic sauce. I didn’t try the steak but when I saw it being cut into, it was cooked to a perfect medium-rare. The grill marks were amazing and chips were great. What I did try was the creamy garlic sauce. I’m a sucker when it comes to garlic flavoured dishes and this was one of them. It was delicious and had the texture of custard. The garlic flavour was pungent which is what you want.

400g NY Dry ($46 AUD) + Creamy Garlic ($4 AUD)

Next was the ‘Marinated Chicken Skewer.’ I loved the presentation of this dish. And that pretty much summed up the ‘wow’ factor of this dish. Again, the flavours were there but it wasn’t amazing enough to the point I would want to come back for the skewer. I say stick to the steaks.

Marinated Chicken Skewer ($29 AUD) served with a side of brown rice pilaf.

The last dish they ordered was the full rack of pork ribs. This looked delicious! I had a rib and it was pretty good. The bbq marinate was sweet and salty at the same time which I loved. The meat was moist and easily peeled away from the bone which is what we want. I do have to say that ‘Hurricane’s Grill’ ribs are better. Their portions are larger, and they’re more generous on the marinade which leaves you with sticky, licking fingers.

Full rack of ribs and chips included ($54 AUD)

Lastly, I want to make one comment on their drinks. There was a tomato juice ordered that night and if you love tomato paste you should order this because that’s exactly what it tasted like. Drinking spaghetti. The pineapple juice on the other hand tasted like pineapples and was refreshing.

Tomato and Pineapple juice ($4.50 AUD)

All in all, it was a good experience however, next time I would probably just stick to the prawns, steaks and creamy garlic sauce.

          It was still a lovely 20th celebration and we spent the rest of the night singing our lungs out. Lily, the amazing bestie has also just started her own fashion blog. We recently just went to ‘Fashion Weekend’ together and took some great shots of her outfits. She also does quick posts on her outfits, nail colours and other bits and bobs. So, if you’re interested click this link to her blog: ❤

          Hope you’re all having an amazing week!

Nibble away,

Jo x.


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