Travel Nibbles: ‘Arlu’ Review

Buongiorno Nibblers!

         I know it’s not morning but with a term of learning Italian at school under my belt, I say remembering two words is a great start.

‘Arlu’ Review
Where: Borgio Pio, 125 San Pietro            Website:
Picture taken from ‘Arlu’s website.
        After a 551 step climb up to the cupola of St Peter’s Basilica, we needed the carbs. And yes, we were in carbs city. So, we didn’t have to go far to get to ‘Arlu.’ According to Trip Advisor, ‘Arlu’ had a rating of 4.5/5 and after the success with ‘Life,’ ‘Arlu’ had big shoes to fill. Situated in one of the smaller streets near Vatican City, it was just a joy to see the authentic Italian surroundings and soak in the culture.
     I ordered the ‘Tonnarelli pasta with sea fruits.’ I’m usually not a seafood person but when in Italy, I wanted to try as many things as I could. This dish was amazing. The pasta was steaming hot, full of fish-stock flavour. The tonnarelli was also cooked a bit over al dente but, I like how the pasta didn’t have a bite and meshed on well with the other textures. The seafood was well seasoned and quite generous with their serving. The sprinkles of parsley really added a different flavour in your mouth but a great combination.
Tonnarelli pasta with sea fruits. ( €10 approx. $13AUD) 
            Kelly ordered her favourite pasta dish, ‘La Carbonara.’ Her dish came out probably 5 minutes before mine which was the only disappointing thing with service. I watched her eat while my stomach of in full throttle grumbling mode. ‘Arlu’ has a great atmosphere, lovely tables and friendly service which made up for this little down fall. The ‘La Carbonara’ was good. Servings were generous and pasta al dente. The Parmigiano- Reggiano coated every strand of pasta and the flavours crisp and pungent. Add small crisp pieces of salty bacon to the mix and that’s a winner. If you’re a carbonara fan, I say this dish is pretty good.
‘La Carbonara’ ( €10 approx. $13 AUD)
              If you don’t know us by now, we quite the nibblers so, we had to have a dessert. We ordered the ‘Panna Cotta’ with caramel sauce and sprinkled in icing sugar. I lost my Panna Cotta virginity at ‘Arlu’ and boy, was it amazing! It was soft, not too sweet and an absolute delight. The caramel gave it the sugar hit but it was so well balanced, I could have licked that plate clean. It wasn’t the cleanest in terms of presentation but, flavours were all there to props to ‘Arlu’s chefs.
‘Panna Cotta’ with caramel sauce sprinkled with icing sugar. (  5 approx. $7AUD)

All in all, it was a wonderful lunch. I really enjoyed it and if I was to ever go back I say go to ‘Arlu.’ There’s going to be a lot of staff waiting outside their restaurants with menus to lure you in when you’re walking down this alley way. Don’t be tempted by your growling stomach and make a dash for ‘Arlu.’ We were lucky enough not to wait as there had been a massive group from a tour that had just finished their lunch in time for us to take their tables. It was food fate.
Hope you all have an amazing week and for you Sydney siders, let’s cross our fingers that the rain does not stay long tomorrow as forecasted.

Nibble away,
Jo x.


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