Travel Nibbles: ‘Trattoria Bondi’ Review + Mini ‘Triangolo dell Bermuda’ Review

Hey Nibblers!

     This week, Kelly and I find ourselves in Florence/ Firenze. Unfortunately, we were unlucky with our train times so we only had one night in Florence. Being two girls in a strange place, we didn’t want to stray too far from our hostel (PLUS Florence). Luckily, with the help of Tripadvisor, we were able to find a place to grub on on the same street, only 5 minutes away. 

‘Trattoria Bondi’ Review

Where: Via Nazionale 45r /47r, Florence, Italy      Website: No official site but, you can check out their Tripadvisor page:
      From the outside, ‘Trattoria Bondi’ looked pretty small. But don’t be quick to judge a book by its cover because we soon found out this place was oddly shape but, had a tonne of space to sit and it was packed mostly with tourists which could be why Tripadvisor has a 4.5/5 rating for ‘Trattoria Bondi.’ The restaurant’s name had me at Bondi. Took me back to the lovely beaches of Sydney for a minute there until, I saw the menu. It is probably a hit because, it is the cutest thing I’ve seen yet in terms of menus.
Such a cute, fun menu!

Anyway, we were starving so, as it was our last night in Italy, I had to order a pasta dish. I decided on the Ravioli. Presentation lacked. It did not look appetising at all. But as I said before, looks can be deceiving but, in this case, looks mattered. The ravioli was half cooked with some bits dry like cardboard. The tomato- based sauce was good but, couldn’t make up for the lack of flavour and texture all round.

Ravioli I say? More like …

Kelly on the other hand, wanted some meat after days of just mushrooms and carbs. She opted for the roast chicken with mushroom sauce, salad and roasted potatoes. This looked a tad more colourful which was promising. I had a taster of hers and while it was quite a good portion, there was nothing outstanding about this one. Just a regular dish that we could have all cooked easily at home.

Roast chicken with mushroom sauce, salad and roast potatoes.

   And, of course we were suckers for dessert ordering. We had the ‘Creme Brulee with chocolate sauce’ to share. Yup, they gave you a choice of what topping you wanted. Kelly being the chocoholic and me, being the best cousin knew she would have wanted to try chocolate and so we did. It did not look like a toasty top creme brulee we’re used to that’s for sure. I love when you get to crack the top of a brulee but not the case for this one. It was more like a less condensed, sweeter version of custard that had drops of chocolate sauve on top. Nope, nothing special here either. 

Creme Brulee ?

All in all, photos from the food this night aren’t amazing. Sorry guys! But, I’m not too hurt because the dishes we had were nothing to die for. The 4.5/5 rating from Tripadvisor, I do not understand but, I do have to say that ‘Trattoria Bondi’ has a great cosy atmosphere and friendly staff. The other plus side are their dishes are affordable and good if you’re a backpacker or just want a place to chat with friends. I think the high rating on Tripadvisor made me have high expectations but, it wasn’t a terrible experience just, could have been better.

‘Triangolo delle Bermuda’ mini gelato Review
Where: Via Nazionale, 61r, 50123,  Florence, Italy                                  Website: None of their own but check out

        No idea why they chose this name. Perhaps they want us to get lost in their Bermuda Triangle of flavours? Okay, no. Bad joke. This had a 4.5/5 review on Tripadvisor as well but, we can’t rely on that too much now. We decided on three scoops for 7 euros. We chose: chocolate, mint and hazelnut coffee. This was amazing. I love mint so it was super refreshing after having some pretty sweet creme brulee. I loved all the flavours and all had real chunks of chocolate and nuts inside which was amazing. The man that served us was super friendly as well so definitely going back! Only thing is, my fingers were swollen after holding this on the way back. Serves me right for eating gelato in the Winter.

Dessert stop #2: Triangolo delle Bermuda – Chocolate, mint and hazelnut coffee. (7 euros approx. $10AUD)

Hope you have an amazing week!

I know it’s not Tuesday anymore but, I started typing on Tuesday.
Nibble Away,
          Jo x.


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