Nibble Nation: An Update

Hey Nibblers!

       If you’re a follower or regularly check out ‘Nibble Nation’ you may have noticed I haven’t posted much content in a little while. I even missed out on my ‘Travel Tuesdays’ this week. With university exams blooming this week, I thought I give you a little update on why I’ve been MIA. I have a couple of simple recipes coming soon with some more restaurants review coming your way. Exams won’t be finished until the 25th of June but, until then, feel free to leave me any recipes you would like me to try. I’ll be free as ever for in-between semesters so would love to try/ do some new things! Leave your requests below in the comments section.

     Hope you’re all having an amazing week and for all you Nibblers that also have exams, best of luck! Study hard, nibble away, and get plenty of rest.

Why not have a picnic in your backyard to take some of that stress away?
Home-made beef burgers and garlic chips. 

                Jo x.

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