Travel Nibbles: Montana Restaurant

Hey Nibblers!
        This week, we find ourselves in Munich, Germany which surprisingly turned out to be one of my favourite cities on the trip. It was the first city where Kelly and I were able to experience thick layers of snow wherever we went. For some of you guys, snow may be such a normal part of the winter months but for us, we would have to drive a couple of hours in Australia’s winter to see snow and even then it’s a mountain background not a city one which added more to our excitement. Actually, it was probably more me being excited. I wanted to drop in the middle of every pile of snow and make snow angels.

A field of snow!

Glorious snow in Munich.
              For some weird reason, I was craving Turkish cuisine. A plate full of meat and chips was all I wanted even in the land of beer and wursts. We were staying opposite Munich’s main train station (Munich Hbf) and luckily after wandering around in the blistering cold, we were able to find ‘Montana Restaurant.’

Montana Restaurant
Where: 33 Bayerstrabe, 80335, Munich, Bavaria, Germany.       Website: N/A but, google maps has them!

        This review will be pretty short and sweet. I didn’t take an amazing shot of the place or food because I was starving. I ordered the combination meat plate with salad and chips with a garlic, lemon yoghurt sauce. Kelly ordered a chicken schnitzel with chips and salad.
         Man, oh man, I still remember the first bite of the plate. It was amazing in my mouth. Absolute fireworks. The meat was tender, juicy and chips were crispy and adequately seasoned. The salad was not as fresh but when travelling, I grabbed onto any veggies I could get my hands on! The garlic/ lemon yoghurt sauce was tangy which really balanced out the saltiness of the meat. This plate didn’t look filling to start with but by the end, I was in labour with a food baby ready for delivery. 
         Kelly on the other hand also enjoyed her schnitzel. It was pretty much the standard crunchy schnitzel however, she said by the end it was too dry and hard to chew.
         All in all, ‘Restaurant Montana’ is a great place to chill with friends after a long day of exploring. Staff were very friendly and very accommodating. Great when you have those midnight cravings.  

Combination meat plate & Chicken schnitzel plate. Both plates roughly 15 euro each (Approx. $20 AUD)
        Sorry this is a tad late. No excuse I know. But, I am currently on clinical placement at the moment. With early morning starts, I’ve officially turned into an oldie and climb into bed by 9pm. I hope you’re all having an amazing week!
Nibble Away,
         Jo x.

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