‘The Wooden Whisk’ Review

Hey Nibblers!

         Not long ago, Kevin and I set on a little adventure for some amazing cafe food. Word is ‘The Wooden Whisk’ is one cafe that is worth the trip! Of course, for some working/living across the bridge it may be just be a walking distance away but for us, it meant changing trains and an hour and a half travel time. We arrived at around 1030am which was perfect timing! It’s just in between their breakky and lunch menu so we were able to order from both of them. SCORE!

The Wooden Whisk
Where: Shop 7 & 8 , 38 – 46 Albany St, St. Leonards, NSW 2065                        Website: http://www.woodenwhisk.com.au/

From the breakfast menu, we ordered the ‘Brioche French Toast,’ from lunch, we ordered ‘Our Ruben’ and the ‘Smoked salmon salad with potato.’ It didn’t stop there because we also ordered an ‘Iced coffee’ and fresh ‘Beet juice’.

The ‘Brioche French Toast’
 with fresh banana, strawberries, mascarpone and maple syrup ($13.50)

           This was perfection. We demolished it within minutes. The serving was generous, the fruit, fresh and the brioche was soft, slightly crispy around the edges and just soaked the delicious maple syrup. It wasn’t too sweet which is where a lot of cafes get it wrong. No one wants to start their day with a sugar rush! But seriously, this dish was heaven and such a great introduction to the rest of our meal.
‘Our Ruben’
         served with shoestring chips, new york style pastrami, swiss cheese, pickled cabbage, mild mustard on light rye sourdough ($14.50)

              I loved the presentation. The chips were placed in a mini frying basket and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Portion wise was again very generous. I have never had pastrami before so I don’t have a base to compare it to but in terms of sandwiches, this was pretty amazing. The pastrami was juicy, full of flavour and combined with the rich, saltiness of the cheese  and the sour cabbage, flavours balanced each other wonderfully. The chips were crispy, crunchy and the potato insides were soft and creamy.
‘Smoked Salmon Salad with Potato’
          pickled cucumber, rocket, dill and creme fraiche ($15.00)
           I’m a sucker for all things with rocket and smoked salmon. If I had to eat only smoked salmon and rocket for lunch/ dinner for the rest of my like I would. I find it quite amusing that I ordered a salad to be ‘healthier’ but by looking at this bad boy, I’m pretty sure I just added on about 5 kilos extra. I’m not complaining because this was delicious. ‘The Wooden Whisk’ should be given an award for their generosity with portions. I struggled to gobble down the dish. The saltiness of the smoked salmon mixed with the lemon/mustard acidity to the bitterness of the rocket and soft creaminess of the potatoes was just divine. The flavours just melted to well together and you had both the crunch and softness in textures. I’m just salivating thinking about it. I totally recommend this dish if you have the same obsession as I do.
‘Iced Coffee’
          They didn’t have the price on their website but it was approximately ($5.50).

             I’m not much of a coffee drinker. I don’t feel it works for me because I end up napping throughout the day even when I have a coffee. But sometimes, when I’m feeling a bit naughty/greedy I do crave the smell and taste of coffee. I love my cold iced drinks so I just to. This iced coffee was very rich in flavour so for those with sweet teeth, this is for you. While this may have been great with toast or a savoury pastry, didn’t blend in well with the salad I ordered which was a shame.
The ‘Beet Juice’
       Unfortunately, I can’t remember the exact name of the juice but it had beetroot, ginger, apple as their main ingredients. Approximately ($5.50)
           Can’t really say much about this juice except for if you love juice and the ingredients in it, this is for you. It’s fresh and wasn’t too sweet or overpowering against the dishes we had. Great start to the day.
           All in all, I loved and fully recommend ‘The Wooden Whisk’ if you’re in around the area or willing to go on an adventure. For cafe style food with big portions, the prices were appropriate and you do get a lot for your buck. I was really impressed with their service and it’s such an inviting place to bring friends and have a chat. Tables were clean, simple and the decorations were country chic. We hadn’t exactly hit the peak of lunch time while we were there but there was a lot of people coming in and out ordering coffee and food so I expect their lunch hours to be bustling. Can’t wait to go again!
The view from outside. Great natural light
Their old- school Specials board
Seating inside ‘The Wooden Whisk’

Hope you’re all having an  amazing week!

Nibble Away,

               Jo x.




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