‘Moo Gourmet Burgers’ Review [Newtown]

Hey Nibblers!

       I still remember the first time I went to ‘Moo Gourmet Burgers.’ It was about two years back but I can still vividly remember how delicious their ‘Just Nuts’ Moo shake was. It consisted of all of my favourite things: a snickers bar, crushed nuts, caramel and chocolate syrup in a milkshake cup! What also tickled me was how they had paper straws for their shakes! But as much I want to rave on about how awesome the shakes were and probably still are, I can’t exactly say the same for their burgers. I can’t remember the burger I had two years ago but, I don’t recall any details so it must not have stood out.
So why did I decide to go again this time around, you ask? Social media heightens any lusts and cravings. Seeing all those luscious pics and people eating away, I just had to have it for myself! I just had to give it the benefit of the doubt. So off Kevin and I went to ‘Moo Gourmet Burgers’ in Newtown.

‘Moo Gourmet Burgers’ Newtown
Where: 232 King St, Newtown, NSW, 2042        Website: https://www.moogourmetburgers.com.au/

I was so excited I looked up the menu on the train. As soon as I saw they had a ‘Chorizo’ burger, I was sold. This burger consisted of, Angus pure natural beef and chorizo patty, mozzarella, rocket, tomato, tomato relish and home-made mayonnaise.
This was one gigantic burger. It couldn’t even fit in my mouth which was a real shame. You don’t get the uniform of all the flavours. But in terms or portions, they were very generous with every component of the burger. However, I found my burger to be very dry. There was a lathering of mayo on the bun which coated the rocket/tomato nicely but the beef/chorizo bun was overcooked. I couldn’t taste the chorizo nor even see chorizo bits in the patty. While it was freshly made I found it to be lukewarm by time I was able to pop the baby in my mouth.

Chorizo Burger $16.50 AUD

Kevin on the other hand ordered the ‘Classic Beef’ which had Angus natural beef, tomato, mixed leaf lettuce, home-made mayonnaise and tomato relish. Unfortunately, he had similar comments. His burger was dry and not succulent like a burger should be. It was his first time at ‘Moo’ and it was not a great feeling to know it was not a satisfying meal as hyped up to be.

‘Classic Beef’ $11.00 AUD
           As a side, we ordered a basket of ‘Cheese Bacon Chips’ to share. I was excited for this one. I wanted to pig out and the cheesy bacon chips sounded like the perfect choice. The chips were crunchy and so soft on the inside. It just melted in my mouth. However, as much of a cheese and bacon fan I am, I found the cheese to be so overpowering that I couldn’t taste the bacon bits. There was not a huge serving of bacon bits so it was pretty much cheesy chips. We couldn’t finish it as the grease just built up in our throats and I felt quite sick afterwards. This was a food baby I did not want.
‘Cheese Bacon Chips.’ $8.95
             Luckily, I opted not to order the shake as I remember that it was too thick with the burger the last time i was at ‘Moo.’ So, I went for a more refreshing option which was the ‘Nexba green apple and strawberry iced tea.’ It cut the grease well so I’m glad I chose this.
‘Nexba’ Green apple & Strawberry $4.50 AUD

While I loved all the decorations and the atmosphere ‘Moo Gourmet Burgers’ creates, I don’t think I’ll be coming back for their burgers. If I ever do, It’ll be for their amazingly sweet shakes and chips. However, it still baffles me the popularity around their burgers. It could be that I may be ordering the wrong burger or just have no luck but, this experience leaves me unwilling to beg for more.

Out table set up
Table numbers
Inside ‘Moo Gourmet Burgers’ Newtown
           If you Nibblers do love ‘Moo,’ leave a comment below telling me what you love and which branch you had it at. I’ve heard amazing reviews from their Manly branch so perhaps I just have bad luck! Also, please excuse the quality of these photos. I had forgotten my camera and had to use my phone to take these pictures.
           Hope you’re all having an amazing week!
Nibble Away,
         Jo x.

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  1. Moo Burgers says:

    We would have liked a much better review of our burgers ! No excuses, but we have had a few issues with the kitchen which we are working very hard to fix ! Would love to have you back soon or to another location to see what we can do ! Drop me an email moo@moogb.com.au


  2. I would have loved to give you an amazing review Moo Burgers, but I wanted to be honest and put my opinions out there. I do love your shakes. I would definitely be sure to visit one of your other locations again if a new burger I fancy the contents of is offered on the menu. Glad you stopped by anyway and commented!
    Jo (joanne.nguyen8@gmail.com)


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