Travel Nibbles: Weisses Brauhaus

Hey Nibblers!

        Kelly and I aren’t really beer drinkers but when you’re in the land of beer, you have to experience a beer hall. While we were on “free” walking tour by ‘Sandeman’s New Europe,’ our tour guy told us that if we wanted the best pub food in Munich with the third best beer, go to ‘Weisses Brahaus.’ We’re all for the food so off we went. It was only located about 15 minutes from our hostel so, that helped incase I needed to be dragged home. I’m quite the light weight when it comes to drinking! Probably those asian genes I’ve got going on in my system.
Anyway, thought the place looked quite scary. We were there in the middle of winter so imagine snow on the cobble stones, darkness at 5pm and dim windows. We didn’t even know where the entrance was to go in. There were like three doors so we just picked a random door because my stomach was asking for it and I couldn’t wait any longer. Luckily, we chose the right door and once through the doors, it was pretty amazing. It was loud and bustling and you wouldn’t imagine it was that manic from outside. All the waitresses were in dirndls which I thought was awesome. Kelly and I were both pretty lost in there. Didn’t know if we had to find our own table or if we just waited at the door. After a few minutes of mindless wandering, we asked one of the lovely waitresses who told us to sit wherever and someone would be with us and, that’s exactly what happened. Now, shall we get onto the food component?

Weisses Brauhaus
Where: Tal 7, 80331, Munchen                                              Website:

Munich in summer. Image from

In complete Bavarian style, Kelly ordered the famous ‘Pork Knuckle’ with crisp and crackling crust, Schneider-wheat-beer gravy, served with potato dumpling (Kartoffelknodel) and coleslaw. This was a monster of a dish. For those that have no shame in being a carnivore, this is definitely the dish for you. It’s a large portion of all things pork, potatoes and a slaw for the “healthy” side dish. I had a bite of Kelly’s dish and the pork was so tender, juicy and soaking with gravy. The potato wasn’t soft and melt-in-your-mouth but, it helped with the texture of the dish. It separated the crunch of the slaw, the chew and tenderness of the knuckle and eased the bitterness of the beer. To accompany the meal, Kelly opted for the Schneider Weisses ‘Meine Blonde Weisses’. We had no idea what the difference between any of the beers were but picked a random one and hoped it was delicious. It was. Nothing like beer in Australia that is extremely bitter. I only had a few sips of hers by golly was it scrumptious. Light, a tad sweet and completely converted me to the beer side for the night.

Kelly with her ‘Pork Knuckle’ (11.20 Euros) [$17 AUD] and ‘Meine Blonde Weisse’ (3.80 Euros for 0.5L) [$5.60AUD]
Presentation of their dishes. Pork knuckle and slaw
         I on the other hand, opted for the sausages. I have something with sausages. I’m pretty sure because they have all that miscellaneous variety of meats and fat squashed into one tube makes it appealing. I know they’re bad but I just can’t help myself. Hit the bullseye when I ordered the ‘Butcher’s Platter.’ It consisted of five different sausages served on sauerkraut and boiled potatoes. I loved it. Unfortunately, I can’t recall what each sausage tasted like exactly but I’m pretty sure it was pork. Each one was a different flavour, seasoned differently and even different in texture. It ranged from mush to chewy bits but, it was just like a surprise with every bite. To balance out the flavours, the sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) cut the grease from the sausages and the perfectly boiled potatoes sucked the juices and gave it a carb kick. I liked what I ate and felt proud to have a beer hall experience. To accompany my meal, I went for the Schneider Weisses ‘Unser Aventinus’. No idea how to describe this due to my beer rookie stats but bitter, fermented taste and sweet at the start. All I know was it was tasty and such a great partner to the dish.
‘Butcher’s Platter’ (12.90 Euros) [$20 AUD]
My ‘Unser Aventinus’ (4.40 Euros) [$6.50 AUD]
So great, we emptied those bad boys and waddled back to the hostel

It was pretty dark in here so I couldn’t take great pics hence the blur but it was such a great atmosphere and we both enjoyed our time at ‘Weisses Brauhaus’ immensely. It was a shame were only in Munich for about two days so we couldn’t go to the other beer halls but, will definitely be going next time I’m in Europe. Even if you’re not much of a beer drinker, there’s something there for everyone and it’s such an awesome place to catch up with some friends or even grab a nice lunch/ dinner. Oh, I wanted to also add, language isn’t a barrier in ‘Weisses Brahaus’ or even in Munich in general, they have their menu in english, german and I believe in spanish as well so it really caters to everyone. Such a great place!

‘German jokes are the wurst.’ Can’t remember where I read this but I giggle every time. Thought you Nibblers might like a little midnight giggle yourselves!
Hope you’re having an amazing week,
Nibble Away,
         Jo x.

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