‘Black Star Pastry’ Review

Hey Nibblers!

       This one is going to be a short and sweet little entry. Do you ever have those days where you hear about a place you might like and then suddenly every where you go, everything you read and everyone you meet starts talking about it like its fate? Yup, that’s what happened to me when I discovered ‘Black Star Pastry.’ Having heard about their famous strawberry, watermelon cake through a friend and then finding myself in Newtown, I thought why not?

‘Black Star Pastry’ Review
Where: 277 Australia Street, Newtown                                Website: http://blackstarpastry.com.au/

Picture from http://sydney.concreteplayground.com.au

Situated across from the Newtown Police Station in a cu-de-sac section is where ‘Black Star Pastry’ lies. Trying to find the place at around 3pm on a Friday afternoon proved to be quite the challenge. It wasn’t because the street was hard to find but, the ‘Black Star Pastry’ sign was blocked out by the mass of people sitting outside and standing around the shop. When we finally settled in, we immediately spotted the strawberry, watermelon cake and asked for two portions to be taken away as there was not an inch to sit. While waiting for our order, by looking around I noticed quite a number of customers digging into their own watermelon cake portions/ coffees and pastries. However, it was just too crowded that all I can really give a review on is the ‘Strawberry, Watermelon and Rose Cream’ cake.

At $7 per portion it sounds like a big ask for a piece that’s probably 4cm x 12cm x 8cm. It is presented beautiful and popped into a nice sturdy white box when ordered to take away. Kevin and I found a spot close by on a bench and began to unravel its beauty. Evenly decorated with rose petals and even layers of strawberry and watermelon was a good first impression. We then both dug in, making sure we did not comment until the other had also had their first bite. It was pretty amazing the first taste. The sweetness of the watermelon against the slight sour taste of the strawberries moulded together against the pungent rose cream was pretty spectacular.  I also had the expectation that it was just going to be mushy in my mouth but the different layers and crunch from the watermelon really adds texture and dimension.


Loving the edible flowers and strawberries


Look at those amazing layers!
        All in all, I really enjoyed the experience of the cake. The rose cream isn’t really a flavour I’m used to but while it was a tad odd at first starts to grow on you. So, I say if you’re ever in the area from 7am -5pm, definitely check ‘Black Star Pastry’ out. I’ll definitely be coming back to try their other amazingly presented desserts. But for now, I’m happy I went with the ‘Watermelon, Strawberry and Rose Cream’ cake to start off with. The only downside is there isn’t much seating arrangements to have a catch-up with friends over coffee/ cake but, I guess if you’re keen sitting on the concrete benches near by is sweet enough.
Nibble Away,
            Jo x.

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