‘Hoochie Mamma Cafe’ Review

Hey Nibblers!

      When your university campus is situated only 15 minutes away from Newtown, you know it’s going to be hard to lose  that winter weight gain. I could eat in moderate amounts but when food is so glorious, how can I possible say no? I remember this day so vividly. I had just received some bad news and to help cope with the negativity, Kelly and I decided to eat my sorrows away. Mind you, to prepare for this food baby, I had been eating healthily for the entire week so, I guess everything eaten during this slump is warranted? At least that’s what I tell myself to override my guilt.
Anyway, Kelly’s been here a few times and loved it but had only tried some of their little knick knacks at the counter and didn’t actually sit in for a proper cafe luncheon. So, we thought we would take the opportunity to try it out. We both arrived about 1PM but came in at just the right time as we settled nicely at a table by the window before a surge of other customers came bustling through.

‘Hoochie Mamma Cafe’ Review
Where: 156 Missenden Road, Newtown NSW 2042                             Website: http://www.hoochiemammacafe.com.au/

Image taken from: hoochiemammacafe.com.au

I loved the interior of the cafe. It was cozy, easy on the eyes and oh so hipster. But, isn’t that part of Newtown’s charm that gets people coming back? Now enough talk, lets get digging into the good food goodness!

          I ordered the  ‘B.L.A.T.’ This amazing sandwich came packed with bacon, rocket, tomato, avocado with aioli and a serving of their shoestring fries. The sandwich was so juicy and they were very generous with the amount of ingredients. The lightly tasted Turkish bread buns were warm and really soaked up the saltiness of the slightly crisp bacon and creamy texture of the aioli. Every component of the ‘B.L.A.T.’ was just perfection. Even the tomatoes layer were seasoned well and all I could taste was love. To top off this heaven of a sandwich, the shoestring fries were amazing! I don’t know how really to describe it but, it was seasoned well, fresh, crisp and the insides of each chip was moist. I was actually kinda full after devouring the ‘B.L.A.T’ but couldn’t say no to those fries. Mmm- mmm.
‘B.L.A.T’ $14.90 AUD

Kelly on the other hand, opted for the ‘Slow Roast Pork Belly Sandwich.’ I loved the presentation of this dish. Served on a small wooden board, just seeing it was appetising enough. I’ve had my overload of pork belly sandwiches/ crackling over in London but couldn’t resist a little tester. The pork piece I had was succulent and full of juicy flavour. The crackling, crisp, crunchy but there was not enough of it from what I saw. I can’t give an in depth of the sandwich as a whole as it was not mine to judge but, since Kelly and my little food date, she’s talked about this sandwich again on numerous occasions so I think it was safe to say, it was a winner.

‘Slow Roast Pork Belly Sandwich’ $15.90 AUD
          As the her sandwich didn’t come with a side of fries, she ordered them seperately. While the bowl looked relatively small, there were a tonne of fries in there. They piled that bowl up! Her bowl was equally amazing as my own and with a generous serving of mayo/ tomato sauce on the side I honestly can’t wait to go back for some more. One of the best cafe chips/ fries I’ve ever had.


Fries $6 AUD

In terms of pricing, I would say it’s pretty standard for cafe food pricing. The servings are quite large and I think would be very satisfying if you ever have time for a visit. It’s a lovely place to catch up with friends with outdoor seating if you fancy some sunshine or indoor seating if you prefer something more cozy. Service was delightful and genuinely enjoyed everyone’s feedback while paying at the counter. I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience at ‘Hoochie Mamma Cafe’ and can’t wait to go back to try some other things on their menu.

        Hope you’re having an amazing week! Hopefully this icky Sydney weather will turn around. I’m crossing my fingers for it.
Nibble Away,
                 Jo x.

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