Travel Nibbles: ‘Mistral Cafe’ Review

Hey Nibblers!

    Made it to the amazingly snowy Prague where our tour guide once again declared that they were in fact the beer capital. While it was debatable at first considering Munich hosts the biggest beer festival ‘Oktoberfest’ each year when I looked at Prague’s drinks menu, I was quite baffled. The cost of beer was cheaper than asking for table water. Yes, like tap water. In Australia, it usually doesn’t cost a thing but in when in Prague, it’s almost always 1.5 times more expensive than a glass of their famous ‘Pilsner Urquell.’ Kelly and I walked past ‘Mistral Cafe’ while we were exploring or also known as getting lost. It had a 4.5/5 circle rating on Tripadvisor so, we noted the nearby landmarks to ensure we didn’t miss the opportunity.

‘Mistral Cafe’ Review
Where: Valentinska 11Prague 110 00                                                                            Website:

‘Mistral Cafe’ interior. Image taken from Tripadvisor

     When we arrived, it was already bustling with people. We had just finished a four hour walking tour so were pretty knackered for some food. The table were set nicely with simple presentation and extremely clean. I would imagine the large windows they have to absorb quite a bit of lighting during the day which would make for a very open yet cosy setting. By night, they had dim lights throughout the cafe giving it a very romantic feel.
     I was all for the dumplings so I ordered the ‘Sirloin with cream roll, homemade jerky dumplings and cranberries.’ I loved the presentation of this dish. My camera doesn’t do it justice but the generous amounts of sauce, beef and cranberries was just to drool for. My love for the presentation didn’t stop just there because taste wise, this was an absolute winner. The creamy gravy like sauce was superb. Full of flavour, hints of pepper and sweet with the dashes of cranberries. The dumplings, soft as freshly made bread insides absorbed so much of that sauce, it was like I was licking my plate clean. The beef cooked slowly and to perfectly just pulled apart and was juicy as ever. I can’t recommend another dish highly enough. It was just right. Served quite quickly and steaming hot.

Sirloin with cream roll, homemade jerky dumplings and cranberries’ 174 CZK (approx. $10 AUD)
          I had to give the good old ‘Pilsner Urquell’ a try as well. To much of a surprise, the beer came in a fancy cup. It didn’t feel right but ‘Mistral Cafe’ gives off a pretty fancy vibe itself so no complaints there. Again, I can’t really comment much on taste of beer as I’m haven’t experienced enough but, all I know was it’s nicer than the overly bitter Aussie beer but not as crisp and sweet as Munich beer. This is all according to my lack of beer taste buds anyway. But, if you’re a lover of beer, I say give it a try. Apparently, its one of their best brands!
‘Pilsner Urquell’ 0.3L, 29 CZK (approx. $1.60 AUD)
        Kelly on the other hand ordered the ‘Grilled chicken breast risotto with wild mushrooms and cheese grana padano.’ I had a few spoonfuls and from the little taste I was able to experience it was delicious. I don’t usually have risotto a lot but, I felt it wasn’t too liquidy and didn’t just taste like rice in a lump of butter. It had much more hearty flavours with a touch of creaminess. It looks quite small in the picture but turned out to be filling. I think she thoroughly enjoyed it and her plate was pretty much wiped clean. The picture is terrible but, presented well in reality.
‘Grilled chicken breast risotto with wild mushrooms and cheese grana padano’ 163 CZ K (approx. $9.50 AUD)

As we looked at the dessert menu and saw ‘Chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream,’ we just had to. And lucky we did. This was one of the best cakes I’ve had. It was moist, liquified in the centre and the perfect richness. A bit too much granulated sugar sprinkled in terms of presentation but, it was delicious I really couldn’t care less. The ice cream that accompanied the cake was nothing  special on its own but really helped cut some of the richness when we hit the melted centre. Simply delicious!

‘Chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream,’ 96 CZK (approx. $5.50 AUD)



Candle lit dinner
Snowy Prague! So beautiful!

Overall, I really loved the atmosphere and food at ‘Mistral Cafe.’ If I’m ever in Prague again I would definitely be coming back. Staff were very sweet and welcoming. If you have ever been to ‘Mistral Cafe,’ be sure to leave a comment talking about your experiences.

       Until next time, hope you’re all having an amazing week.
Nibble Away,
                   Jo x.

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