How to: Orange Coconut Cake

Hey Nibblers!

         I like oranges. I like eating them and juicing them. However, I hate the peeling process which is why I’m always put off eating them. When my parents went overseas a couple of weeks back, Mum had specifically told me to finish what was left of the box of oranges. There was about 10 medium sized naval oranges in there. ‘It was do-able,’ I said. I told myself to just cut one for my brother everyday and it’ll be gone in no time. Problem was, we were both so busy with uni and work that most days we didn’t even see each other. Fast forward a few weeks and Mum and Dad are due home. About a day before they came home, I did the whole extreme clean of all areas of the house. I changed their bed sheets, vacuumed/ mopped, laundry and cleaning out the fridge of things that needed to be used up and then stumbled on the oranges. I spent an hour googling orange recipes but nothing tickled my fancy or I was missing too many of the ingredients. I had a small get together with friends that night as well so as soon as I stumbled upon Rhonda’s (Down to Earth) ‘Orange Cake’ recipe  I just had to try it!
This recipe is amazing and so easy! The cake comes out so moist and since discovering this recipe, it has been successful every time. I made a few tweaks along the way though just to jazz it up to Nibble Nation style.

What you’ll need 
– 1 x whole  medium to large orange (I used 2 small naval oranges)
– 1 1/2 cups of self-raising flour
– 1 1/2 tsp. of baking powder
– 1/2 cup of white sugar
– 1/4 cup of desiccated coconut
– 180g of melted unsalted butter
– 3 eggs
I usually don’t include a utensils area but for this recipe, a food processor or powerful blender would be useful!

How to:
1. Pre-heat your oven (fan forced preferably) to 180 degrees Celcius
2. Line your loaf/ bar tin with some baking paper or a generous oil spray
3. Wash your oranges well.
          You don’t want to be eating the pesticides on the orange skin.
4. Remove the ends and pith in the middle of the orange to ensure the cake doesn’t come out bitter.

5. Cut the orange into equal parts
           Quarters, eighths, whatever will help your blender/food processor blitz the oranges down
6. Sift your self-raising flour and baking powder and coconut into a large mixing bowl then, set aside
7. Add your oranges to your food processor/blender and blitz
           I’m using the Braun CombiMax 600. It’s been around for a while but any food processor will do as long as it’ll give our desired texture (small chunky bits)



Blitz me!
You want the texture of say a chunky guacamole. I find the small chunks of orange skin make for amazing flavour in the end result

8. Add your melted butter and eggs to the food processor and miz until well combine.

           You can transfer to mushy orange to a clean mixing bowl and use a whisk to mix the egg, butter and oranges together
It’ll look like banana milk once well combined
9. Add your well combined liquid mix into the large bowl of dry ingredients that was set aside earlier
10. Fold your wet and dry ingredients together until well combined

11. Pop your mixture into your cake tin

12. Cook your cake for 40 minutes checking to see if it’s cooked using the skewer test. Let it cool before serving


         This recipe is amazing for morning tea or even when you have a party to get to and don’t know what to bring. Also, with Australia’s Father’s Day (This Sunday, September 1st) coming up, why not make your Dad feel special by baking him this orange and coconut cake! He will definitely love you for it if he’s a massive orange/coconut fanatic!
        Hope you’re all having and amazing week and give this one a try!
  Nibble Away,
              Jo x.

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