Travel Nibbles: Hashi Izakaya Japanese Kitchen

Hey Nibblers!

        I know it’s not Tuesday. But, it’s been too long and we need to catch up. I need to tell you that I have an addiction. One that sometimes I really think I should seek help for. I can’t stop thinking about it. Sometimes I even dream about it. I salivate and drool all over my pillow. Okay, I don’t actually paint my pillow with saliva. Maybe a drop or two but, that’s besides the point. The point is, I have an addiction to sushi. This week alone I’ve eaten at my favourite sushi place at the moment, ‘Sushi Hotaru’ in Sydney’s ‘The Galeries Victoria’ (Click for Review) twice. I would even be willing to go again if time allowed me to. Anyway, I’m telling you this confession because when Kelly and I were half way through our European adventures, we were dying for some sushi and the good ol’ Takoyaki.
We were exploring the streets around our Berlin hostel (The Circus Hostel) when we passed ‘Hashi Izakaya Japanese Kitchen.’ It was closed but there was a menu placed out. As soon as we spotted Takoyaki, we had a date with Japanese food.

Hashi Izakaya Japanese Kitchen
Where: Rosenthaler Straße 63, Berlin-Mitte Germany, 10119.                           Website:

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        So, what did we order?
‘Beef Yaki Udon’ (Stir-fried Udon with tender beef, mushrooms & green onions, topped with nori strips) – 6.90 euros (Approx. $10 AUD)
‘Veggie Udon Soup’ (Udon in fish broth with fresh vegetables, tempura crunch ) – 6.90 euros (Approx. $10AUD)
‘Takoyaki’ (Deep-fried octopus balls topped with sweet tonkatsu sauce, Bonito flakes & Jap, mayo) 4.90 euros (Approx. $7.10 AUD) 
‘Californian Roll’ (Avocado, Surimi, Tobbiko fish roe, Japanese cucumber, Jap. mayonaise)5.90 euros (Approx. $8.50 AUD)
‘Nagoya Chicken Wings’ (Deep fried chicken wings with sweet Nagoya sauce, garlic, sesame)4.90 euros (Approx. $7.10 AUD)  
‘Sesame Ice Cream’ – 2.90 euros (Approx. $4.20 AUD) 

Kelly with all our amazing food

The Verdict?
Service was great. Food came out quickly and there was no rushing as we ate. Staff were really friendly and I loved the dimly lit rooms and simple candlelight table setting. Their menu had greman, japanaese and english translation which made ordering very travel-friendly. Food presentation on all their dishes were clean, simple and consistent which I liked. The tables were also well spaced and the perfect size for dining. It would be a great place for a good catch-up with friends and even as a date. Did I mention that Kelly and I happened to be there on Valentine’s Day? We had an array of couples surrounding us while we ate. We were all sharing the love.
In terms of food, portions for the udon dishes were generous. Both the ‘Beef Yaki Udon‘ and ‘Veggie Udon Soup‘ were flavoursome and served at a steaming hot temperature. They were not at all salty as I find many soups to be and I did thoroughly enjoy these dishes. I think they’re relatively well priced in comparison to Aussie prices so happy days there.
The ‘Takoyaki‘ was amazingly crisp on the outside and steaming hot on the insides. The filling was not soggy however, I felt it lacked in the sauce compartment though this is my own personal preference. Kelly doesn’t love sauce so, I would say it’s a thumbs up for her. It’s a tad more expensive than most ‘Takoyaki‘ dishes but we had a craving to satisfy and in terms of taste, it was well worth it.
Then comes the sushi. The ‘Californian Roll’ was unfortunately a let down. At almost $9 AUD, it was a small portion for what it was worth with little filling. I could hardly taste the fish roe or even the fake crab meat (surimi). While presentation was clean, I wouldn’t be ordering this again for lack of flavour.

        The ‘Nagoya Chicken Wings‘ had an amazing crispy outside and the sweet soy sauce  immediately bursts inside your mouth as you bite into the meat. At approximately $7.90AUD, it’s more expensive than most places and while it was served fresh, only order this if you usually love the soy soaked chicken wings. I do have to say that most places don’t get the balance in sweet and salty balance right but I think, ‘Hashi’ nails it here.
To accompany our meal, we both had a freshly made cocktail each. I can’t remember the exact names of our cocktails but, they did have really fun names like ‘Hello Kitty’ & ‘Green Ninja.’ I remember Kelly picked out a watermelon based vodka infused cocktail for me with mint and it was really refreshing. I can’t recall Kelly’s but, from memory hers was minty and just as good.
You must be thinking that we’re such hippos for wanting to stuff down some more food but, we couldn’t say no to ‘Sesame Ice Cream.’ This was definitely one of the best sesame ice creams I’ve ever had in my life. For two scoops, it’s well priced. It was pungent with sesame flavour and it is a definite must for ‘Hashi.’ It was also served with a dollop of cream which I found odd but, scoffed it down anyway because it was just delicious.

Come to think about it, it is quite funny how much we ate. While we were waiting for our food to digest all we saw around us was couples holding hands, nibbling gracefully on their food with no more than three dishes on their tables. Switch back to Kelly and I, and we had a table full of food with hardly any room for arm space. But, what can you do when you have such an addiction and craving?

Happy travellers! A failed selfie in front of Brandenburg Gate

Hope you Nibblers enjoyed this review. Comment below if you’ve have a sushi addiction and where you like to ease your withdrawal symptoms. Sorry it’s been so long, uni has me tied down but, I’m so glad to finally be typing something other than an essay for once. Hope you’re all having a lovely week.

Nibble Away,

Jo x.


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