Travel Nibbles: ‘Rosenburger’ Review

Hi Nibblers!

         It’s not Tuesday! I should really stop being so delayed. But, better late than never right? No, not really. I blame uni. With just three weeks to go before semester ends and exams start, I’m engaging in assessment after assessment. The good thing about having to studying is being able to procrastibake. So, I’ve been testing out a couple of recipes out for you all and they should be up on ‘Nibble Nation’  as soon as I get to perfecting and re-taking the pictures. Anyway, enough of my life story let’s get into this travel review.

‘Rosenburger’ Review
Where: Brunnenstrasse 196, Mitte 10119     Website: 

Image taken by Billy Rosendale:

             Kelly and I were starving by this point (Still in Berlin) so when we spotted ‘Rosenburger,’ we were pretty pumped to grab some burgers. The menus were very traveller friendly and offered english translations. ‘Rosenburger’ is basically a self-serve fast food place that offers a range of burgers which include organic and vegetarian options, hot dogs, burritos accompanied by either a salad, chips or onion rings etc. Unfortunately, I relied too much on technology and didn’t write exactly what we ordered down. They don’t have a menu anywhere on the interwebs so all I have is a picture of it all. So I’m sorry I can;t delve into more details on each burger butcan only give you an overall idea of how I felt about ‘Rosenburger.’

Generous servings

First off, service was amazing. The guy that took our order was very accompanying and brought our food to the table because they work on a number system and we didn’t react when they said the number ‘4’ in German.
I ordered a normal beef cheeseburger while Kelly opted for a chicken burger with a side of chips and a portion of onion rings to share. Presentation was nothing fancy but, we weren’t expecting much so no disappointment there. The chips were delicious. They were steaming hot, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The perfect accompaniment. The onion rings were equally crispy. They used actual onion slices instead of mushy onion pieces that you find else where. I definitely recommend grabbing both sides if you just want to go all out on the sides.
As for their burgers, they offer great vegetarian options and organic versions if that’s your type of thing. From what I remember, food came out pretty quickly and you can basically see the kitchen and chef(s) making your burger to order. The burger tasted fresh, patties were juicy and lathered in their sauces. You could also see all the components of the burger so you can see everything you’re eating. Expect a burger that is better than your typical fast food joint but thinner portions than a gourmet burger. They were generous in their sauce content and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only downside were the burger buns. They weren’t steaming hot and weren’t soft and fluffy. It was sort of like buying just any ordinary burger buns from your local supermarket.
All in all, I would definitely go here again. I didn’t feel bloated like I usually do when I eat fast-food and found prices relative to what you get at say McDonalds, KFC etc. So, for a meal, I believe for their average meal option, it was about 7 euros which is an equivalent of $10AUD. Hope you enjoyed this quickie of a review. Comment below if you’ve tried ‘Rosenburger’ or have any recommendations for places you love in Berlin. I would love to try them the next time I’m there (crossing my fingers for next year.)

Have a lovely week and until next time,

Nibble Away,

Jo x.

P.S. how cute are these Berlin bears? They’re everywhere around the city!


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