Travel Nibbles: ‘Thai Inside’ Review

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       Kelly and I had many cravings while we were on our European adventure. One of those cravings was Thai food. At home, Thai food is usually something that we indulge in when we want an easy, delicious lunch or dinner and is so accessible in Sydney. It has been really hard to satisfy our cravings for the fact that we don’t stay in a city long enough to explore or have the time to find places we want. We basically go to whatever we can walk to that is relatively close to where we’re staying so we don’t lose our way. You know, girls not being able to read maps or something? No, but seriously, it’s dark at 5pm in Europe and when we can hardly see street names or have phone internet data for a GPS, we try and stick close to home. So when we were searching on ‘Tripadvisor’ for good and found a 4.5/5 rating for ‘Thai Inside’, we just had to!

‘Thai Inside’ Review
Where: Dircksenstrasse 3710178 BerlinMitte                           Website:


This was our last dinner in Berlin. We were trying to keep ourselves busy all night because we booked ourselves a 12am train to Paris. Yes, a midnight, overnight train so we tried to kill as much time as possible. Upon entering ‘Thai Inside,’ it was bustling with people. They had clean, authentic Thai pieces and they even had a free coat service which was amazing. Service was friendly and again, there was no problem with communication. Also, the lighting in there was a bit yellow and I only have an old point and shoot so, it’s not top notch pictures unfortunately.
Anyway it was almost 830pm at this stage so we were both pretty hungry. For starters, we ordered the ‘Prince’ Mixed Platter Entree which consisted of ‘Gai Sate’ which is grilled marinated chicken with spicy peanut sauce, ‘Thai Inside Rolls’ which are spring rolls filled with glass noodles, chicken hash and taro potatoes served with a spicy tamarind sauce and ‘Giau Thod’ which is a deep-fried stuffed pastry with ground prawn/ chicken meat served with a sweet and sour sauce.
I loved the presentation of their ‘Prince’ Platter. It was neat and decorated with perfect cucumber flowers. It felt like we were in a tropical place in the middle of winter. Their sauce portions were generous and components were standard. The ‘Gai Sate’ was perfectly grilled and I liked the dense peanut sauce that went with it. It was sweeter than what I’ve had but it did have more of a spicy kick that other places lacked which balance it out well. The ‘Thai Inside Rolls’ were crispy, steaming hot but there was nothing stand out about it. I did love the spicy tamarind sauce that went along with the spring rolls. The ‘Giau Thod’ was soggy. Didn’t have the same crisp that the spring rolls had which was a shame and I felt it lacked in the flavour department as well. However, at €7.20 ($10.20 AUD approx.) it’s a not too bad for a party of two.

‘Prince’ Platter

For the mains, we both went for out typical / favourite Thai dishes. I opted for ‘Phad Thai’ which had fried rice noodles with tofu, king prawns, peanuts, scrambled eggs, bean sprouts, lime juice and tamarind sauce. Kelly on the other hand, ordered the ‘Pad Si-Iu’ which consisted of fried wide rice noodles with chicken, scrambled eggs and leafy vegetables served in a soy sauce.
Again, the presentation of both dishes were really eye-catching. The ‘Phad Thai’ had two radish flowers to decorate while the ‘Pad Si-Iu’ had the cucumber flower which was just as perfect as the one we had on our entree platter. Portions for both looked quite small but once we dug in and mixed everything together, it was the usual generous portions. Let’s just say we were both pretty stuffed by the end of the night. In terms of taste for the ‘Phad Thai,’ it had good texture. The crunchy bean sprouts paired with the saucy noodles and fried bits of tofu was a good combination. However, I found that it was just too sweet. While it was delicious to start off with, it was too sweet towards the end. It would have been nice to have a chilli kick or salt to even it out. Priced at €13.80 ($19.50 AUD approx.) I feel was not worth what it was.

‘Phad Thai’

Kelly’s ‘Pad Si-Iu’ was lathered in sauce which is good. It was a definite change to the sweetness of mine but lacked that smoky flavour that a typical ‘Pad Si-Iu’ would usually have. Other than that, I think it was a good dish and worth the €8.60 ($12 AUD approx.) price.

Getting my hand shake = blurred picture. ‘Pad Si-Iu’

To accompany our meal, Kelly ordered a ‘Mocito’ which had white rum, lime juice, brown sugar and fresh mint in its mix. It was served in a ginormous wine glass and had such an amazing rich green colour. Taste was fresh and great, fun presentation. If fit in well with the meal. We ordered these drinks at the start and for some reason, I was craving cold icy drinks. I know it was freezing cold outisde but my taste buds were not having those hot drinks so, I ordered the ‘Cocos Dream.’ This looked amazing. I could totally picture myself on an island, sipping on my coconut milk, pineapple juice, sweet cream and chocolate syrup drink. It looked amazing but as soon as I sipped it, it was diabetes in a glass. It’s great if you love sweets and love coconut but oh man, it was like drinking coconut cream. Mind you, I finished that bad boy but if you were to ask me if I would order it again I would probably go for a fresher drink to balance out the dishes we had.

‘Cocos Dream’  €6.00 ($8.40 AUD approx.)

All in all, I loved the atmosphere of ‘Thai Inside.’ While I didn’t think the dishes we had were all top standard, my cravings were well satisfied. So, I say if you’re in the area, love the good ol’ sweet Thai food creations and want to feel fancy, I say go to ‘Thai Inside.’ For those that like the more savoury versions, I say perhaps this isn’t the place. It looked like a great place to catch up with friends and we didn’t feel rushed to eat while we were there. So thumbs up to that!

Dinner! Kelly’s ‘Mocito’ in the background.

Pop a comment below if you wanted to ask for any details about Berlin whether it’s attractions, food or transport, I would be happy to answer them for you! If you like your blog subscriptions all in one place and don’t want to miss on any posts, I suggest signing up to ‘Bloglovin’ (It’s free). It makes it so easy to see what’s happening in the blogging world and makes it painless when you want to access new posts. If you do have an account,  just type in ‘Nibble Nation’ to subscribe if you fancy it.
Hope you’re all having an amazing week,

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Jo x.


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