How To: Hot Dogs with Sauerkraut

Hey Nibblers!

        With Oktoberfest well in their swing of things / party time slowly dying down, I thought I pop out a Bavarian inspired recipe. I’m not going to lie, I made and documented this a couple of weeks ago but didn’t have the time to pop it on here. I must also add I was inspired by ‘Brother Green Eats’ to make these quick, delicious hot dog with cheater’s edition sauerkraut. If you haven’t checked them out on Youtube, they’re two brothers Josh and Mike who make finger-licking food. Whether it is whatever they have on hand or re-creating some of their favourites, it always makes me hungry. I love how their love of cooking and experimenting show in their food and they don’t need fancy tools to achieve it.

What you’ll need: (for 6 servings)

– 6 hot dog buns (OR whatever buns you like)
– 6 thin Frankfurters (Pick your favourite or experiment)
– 1/2 cup of red wine vinegar (Any sweet vinegar will do)
– Tomato sauce and Mustard (OR your fav hot dog sauces)
         Note: While Dijonnaise is pictured, I thought it woud have went well. However, the creamy whole mustard seeds overpowered the sauerkraut so I suggest using just mustard if you’re making it for yourself to be able to get the whole experience
– 6 cups of washed, roughly sliced cabbage strips (OR a half-filled microwave-safe 8 inch bowl)
1/2 tsp. salt
– Tap water

How To:
1. Slice your cabbage strips into rough 1cm wide x 2-3cm long. (They’ll shrink after they cook so don’t worry if they’re a tad too big.)
2. Pop your sliced cabbage in a microwave-safe bowl along with your salt and vinegar
3. Add some tap water until it rises and engulfs the cabbage pieces
4. Taste your vinegar, salty cabbage marinade water. It should taste sour but sweet so a fermented taste
(Note: If it’s too sour, add a bit more salt.
                  Too sweet? add some more vinegar)

5. Microwave your cabbage bowl for 10 minutes (Depending on the power of your microwave, you may need to leave it in longer or less. After the initial microwave session, you want your cabbage to be almost cooked.)
6. Cut your hot buns right through the in the middle or across ways (Whichever enhances your hot dog senses)

6. Add your frankfurters to the cabbage bowl and pop it back into the microwave for 3 minutes (By the end of this stage, your frankfurters will be nicely steamed/ infused with the vinegar and cabbage and your cabbage cooked to perfection)

7. Assemble hot dog!

Add Frankfurter
Add cheater’s sauerkraut
Add your favourite sauces

And you’re done! Quick and easy! You should definitely give this one a try. It’ll be great as party food or even just making the sauerkraut for a side to the rest of your dinner.


     Leave a comment below if you do try it or for any other suggestions. Hope you enjoyed this post and are having an amazing week!
Nibble Away,
             Jo x.

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