Travel Nibbles: ‘MOS Burger’ Review

Hey Nibblers!

        A little bit over a week ago, I was enjoying myself in sunny Gold Coast, Queensland. It was my first trip with friends and for Kevin, Conan, Lily, Jacky and Anderson, it was some of their first time in Surfers Paradise. We hired a 2 bedroom apartment at the ‘Hilton’ at a great rate and saved a lot on food costs for the week as we were able to cook all our meals.
While Kevin and I were on a night stroll, we stumbled across ‘MOS Burger.’ This name sounded so familiar to the both of us and when we walked over to look at the menu, it hit us. About four months ago, I watched a video posted by American couple ‘Kyde and Eric‘ on Youtube where they reviewed their ‘MOS Burger’ dinner experience in Japan where they are currently reside. While their review was mixed, the menu was too interesting to pass. Conan loves Japanese food/ flavours so when we saw ‘MOS’ Kevin and I decided to eat elsewhere so we could bring the rest of the gang for our last night in Surfers Paradise.
‘MOS Burger’ started in 1972 with their objective ‘to make people through food.’ In terms of interior design, I loved the natural wood colour scheme they had. It just felt calming and the contrast of the green for their ‘MOS Burger’ sign tied in well. It’s a pay before dining service so once all the ordering out of the way, it was smooth sailing from there. Here’s what we had:

Interior of MOS

‘MOS Burger’
                              Where: SHOP T1.05A, Soul Retail, 4 The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217.          
        I ordered the ‘Seafood Okonomi Burger’ ($5.95 AUD) which was a rice patty with dried seaweed and seafood Kakiage (Tempura/ deep friend Japanese batter).
       The concept of this burger was mouthwatering. However, if you get down to the the nitty gritty of things, the rice patty was soggy and the seafood Kakiage had great crunch but was too salty. I loved how all the burgers came in a wax-y white paper that made handling easier and mess – free (sort of). So, great concept, poor execution. 
        The ‘Iced Matcha Latte’ ($4.95 AUD) I ordered was amazing though. Not too sweet and a great partner with the meal. I never used to be a green tea fan but Gold Coast has converted me and now, I crave them. So, Win!
         Kevin ordered the ‘Shrimp Cutlet Burger.’ ($5.45 AUD) This burger had a burger bun, shrimp patty, shredded cabbage and Japanese Tartare sauce. This burger was definitely a winner. It tasted like shimp, it was full of flavour and very generous with the sauce. The slightly salty and tangy tartare sauce worked well together with the sweet buns. Really enjoyed this one.
Burgers in a Basket (Shrimp Cutlet & Wagyu Beef in frontal view)
         He also ordered the ‘Fish Burger’ ($4.95 AUD) as the Shrimp burger left him wanting to try more. And why not? ‘MOS Burger’ isn’t around in Sydney, so may as well go for it all. This burger had a fish patty with cheese, onions, mustard and tartare sauce. While presentation was good, the burger was unfortunately disappointing. The fish patty was overcooked and therefore the texture was just flaky. Not a winner here unfortunately.
         Conan and Lily both ordered the ‘Gourmet Wagyu Burger.’ ($6.95 AUD) Filled with Teriyaki sauce, Wagyu patty, onion, a tad of wasabi, lettuce and sauces on a ‘MOS’ bun it looked pretty delicious. I didn’t have a taste of their burgers but both enjoyed their burgers. The patty was moist, well seasoned and had a extra edge over other hamburgers.
          Jacky was feeling poorly so when he order the ‘Teriyaki Chicken Burger,’ ($6.45 AUD) he wasn’t able to taste it. All I can say for this one was it was generous amount of chicken and sauce and he didn’t say it was bad. He even finished it while feeling so ill so it may be a sign the burger could have been a major hit!
          Anderson ordered a ‘Shrimp Cutlet Burger’ which was identical in generosity of the burger fillings and taste to Kevin’s. He also order the ‘Spicy Chilli Dog.’ ($5.45 AUD) He said the burger was quite hot so you have to be able to take chilli to enjoy. The bun was moist and hot dog inside was flavoursome. He said it was definitely something he would order again.
          To accompany their meals, they ordered ‘Peach’ and ‘Lemon’ iced teas. ($4.95 AUD each) These teas were made in store and tasted very fresh. They were a tad sweeter than what they would of liked but all enjoyed it as a treat instead.
Peach Iced Tea with my Iced Matcha Latte in the Background
          We decided not to buy any set meals as we didn’t find any of ‘MOS Burger’ sides eye-catching. They offered garden salad and wedges but no one was keen on them. I felt it was a good decision in the end as the burger were deceptively sized. They looked small but by the end of the meal, I was well satisfied and had room for dessert if we did have some. Usually, dinner leaves me stuffed that I can never enjoy dessert.
           In terms of prices, the burgers on their own are a tad pricey. Ranging from $4.50 – $9 for a burger on it’s own. While they are more than what you would pay at a fast-food joint, the ingredients used tasted more fresh and didn’t leave you feeling sick at the end of the meal.
           All in all, I really enjoyed my experience at ‘MOS Burgers.’ They offered great burger varieties and the service was quick, clean and it had a really great atmosphere. I loved how our burgers came in a basket instead of a tray which takes away that ‘fast-food’ type of feel. I would definitely try it again if I ever saw a ‘MOS Burger’ around. Maybe opening up a Sydney store would be a good idea?
           I hope you enjoyed this review and if you Nibblers have tried ‘MOS’ anywhere in the world, leave a comment below. I would love to chat about our experiences.
           Until next time,
           Nibble Away,
Here’s a few snaps from our trip and our ‘MOS Burger’ experience.
MOS Burger Menu


MOS Burger Ordering Counter
Breakky with a view from our apartment. (I made poached eggs for the first time)
Our view from our apartment
Anderson, Conan, Kevin, Jacky, Lily and I @ Movie World! We also went to ‘Sea World’ and ‘Wet n’ Wild’

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