‘Rahmen Genki’ Review

Hey Nibblers!

       A couple of weeks ago, Conan was craving ramen. I wanted to go into the city as I hadn’t been in a while since being on uni holidays. Instead, Kevin had the night off work and while he was searching places to eat the best ramen in Sydney, he stumbled upon one in the North of Sydney, ‘Rahmen Genki.’ We dragged Anderson along as well and off we went on a little trek to the North. By the time we arrived, our bellies were rumbling and we were ready to feast.

‘Rahmen Genki’
Where: 6 Wilkes Ave, Artarmon NSW 2064     

Rahmen Genki menu

      We arrived at around 7pm and already tables were filling up. Situated in such close quarters to ‘Artamon’ station it really adds to the busy atmosphere. It’s almost like we were in a little Tokyo. The turnover was quick so we didn’t have to wait long to get a table we liked best. It’s a pay first before eating service so it took us quite a while to decide which ramen we wanted. There were so many choices or ramen and they had an option to upsize your bowl for only $3. 
        I ordered the normal size ‘Nori’ Ramen for $11 AUD. An extremely generous serving for the cost. Bargain! When the bowl was brought out, I thought they gave me the wrong bowl. ‘I didn’t order an extra large bowl’ I thought. It came with bamboo shoot, bean sprouts, shallots, corn kernels, seaweed and pork in a soy sauce based soup. It came steaming hot and as soon as I dipped my chopsticks into the noodles, I knew this was going to be amazing. The flavours were strong and marinated beautifully with one another. The pork was cooked perfectly and the added vegetables adds great texture to the ramen. The first tastes were amazing but towards 2/3 of the bowl I found the broth a bit salty.Though, with that little factor aside, I say it beats many other ramen places I’ve tried where their soy-based broths are salty from the get go. It was a tad saltier but not to the point where I would stop devouring the beauty of it all.

       Conan ordered the ‘Kimcuhi’ ramen. This consisted of vegetables, Korean Kimchi pickles, roast pork, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots and shallots in a pork broth. I had a few spoonfuls of his broth and from what I gathered, it was amazing! The broth was full of pork flavour but also had a hint of sweetness to it from the pickled Kimchi. I feel like I should of gone for this ramen instead because of the abundance of kimchi they put in the bowl. I’m a sucker when it comes to kimchi! He ordered the extra large bowl ($13 + $3) and while he struggled to finish, the food coma he had afterwards was well worth it. 

        Kevin was a bit adventurous and went for the ‘Tonkotsu Rahmen’ at $12 + $3(extra large). This had the beansprouts, pickled radish and chillies on the side, shallots, roast pork, sesame seeds in a creamy white pork broth. This rahmen had intense pork flavour. I liked how the broth had a creamy texture and taste to it as well. It was like velvet in your mouth. I think they did well with this bowl as I would have imagined the bowl to become a tad sickening with all the creaminess of the broth but at the end, Kevin enjoyed his bowl and would no doubt have ordered another if his stomach let him.

        Ando opted for just the basic ‘Rahmen.’ This is the classic old style Shoyu (soy sauce) noodle that had half a boiled egg, seaweed, shallots, bamboo shoots, pork and bean sprouts. He was feeling a bit ill that day so I didn’t try any of his broth but by the rate he demolished his extra large bowl, I say it was satisfying. At ($11.50 +$3) a bowl, it’s really great value! Very competitive prices and quick and friendly service.

        All in all, I wouldn’t mind a mini road trip to ‘Rahmen Genki’ again. From the ramen bowls that we ordered, all were consistent in flavour and servings and great prices. It definitely feels like an authentic ramen place atmosphere and I really enjoyed being able to experience that in Sydney. If you’re in the Artarmon area or want to go on a mini food trip, I say you should definitely give ‘Rahmen Genki’ a try. I’m certainly salivating just thinking about those noodles and broth! If you’ve been here or have had an amazing ramen experience leave a comment below.

Hope you’re having a great week!

Nibble Away,



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