‘The Pie Tin’ Review

Hey Nibblers!

         Oh, the good humble pie. Shared with great company and there’s nothing in the world that you could ever ask for. Tucked away behind the bustle of King St, Newtown is one of the best places I’ve been. Despite being hidden away, it draws quite the crowd so don’t be too hopeful for seating if you’re thinking of going during peak hours. Great for a small gathering of 2-4 friends if you’re lucky enough to grab a table as you can share the different sides and pies with each other
‘The Pie Tin’ offers an amazing selection of sweet and savoury pies that are made fresh in store each day. Service is quick and friendly and side portions are so generous. It’s a real bang in your buck.

‘The Pie Tin’
Where: 1a Brown St, Newtown, Sydney                                  Website: http://www.thepietin.com.au/


Pie and drink selections/ prices can be found on their website
Inside ‘The Pie Tin’

             I ordered the ‘Sicilian style chilli lovers sausage with white bean’ with a side of ‘Kumera’ chips (Sweet Potato Chips). My foodies in crime Thao and Jacky ordered the ‘Sweet roasted duck with seasonal vegetables’ with a side of ‘coleslaw’ and ‘potato salad’ and the ‘Slow roasted shredded pork with apple and bbq sauce’ with a side of ‘chips.’ We also ordered the ‘Whipped lime pie’ and ‘Snickers Pie’ to share. All up it was $55.60 for the five pies and sides so great value for the gourmet quality.

‘Sicilian style chilli lovers sausage with white bean’ with a side of ‘Kumera’ chips (Sweet Potato Chips)

There’s self-serve sauces, napkins, cutlery and water which makes it a relaxed home-like atmosphere. My pie came out piping hot. The pie lid was flaky and had absorbed the spicy tomato based sauce filling. There’s so much flavour packed in the filling that I don’t think you need any extra accompanying sauces. There were visible sausage pieces in my pie so you can really see the ingredients that are going in. I only had a spoonful of Thao & Jacky’s pies but, from their feedback, they definitely enjoyed their experience.

‘Sweet roasted duck with seasonal vegetables’ with a side of ‘coleslaw’ and ‘potato salad
‘Slow roasted shredded pork with apple and BBQ sauce’ with a side of ‘chips’

In terms of sides, the ‘Kumera’ chips were crisp and perfectly seasoned. They fried our batch fresh so it really enhanced our experience. The normal potato fries were equally appetising. Great seasoning and really fluffy inside. If you’re a fan of ‘Potato’ and ‘Coleslaw’ salads, you’ll definitely like the ones at ‘The Pie Tin.’ Both are packed with flavours and taste extremely fresh.
By this stage, we were all pretty stuffed but, we still had two dessert pie slices to pig through. The ‘Whipped Lime Pie’ was light and full of zesty flavour. The fruity flavour was great in countering the intense flavours from the savoury pies. Great for sharing and with a spot of tea because after about 5 spoonfuls, I was sugar overloaded.

‘Whipped Lime Pie’

The ‘Snickers’ Pie was sensational. Again, I would of loved it with some tea but, the peanut-caramel flavour was on point. Creamy and with peanut chunks in the mix, it’s definitely one for the sweet tooth lovers. Melt-in-you-mouth goodness.

‘Snickers’ Pie

I loved my experience at ‘The Pie Tin’ and would gladly go again and introduce it to anyone else. Portions are so generous that next time, sharing one side is enough if you want to do the whole sweet and salty taste test. Leave a comment down below with your favourite pie place or what your favourite pie filling is!

Nibble Away,



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