Travel Nibbles: ‘Fortnum & Mason: The Gallery’ Review

Hey Everyone,
       How about some tea?
Fortnum & Mason: ‘The Gallery’ Review
Where: Fortnum & Mason plc, 181 Piccadilly, London. W1A1ER.       Website:
             Fortnum & Mason is like the Laduree of Paris. Even at 4pm in the afternoon it was bustling with people, mostly tourists. Though, I do believe Her Majesty the Queen always has her afternoon tea here whenever she’s in London so perhaps they’re hoping to bump into her?
          The building from the outside was already eye-catching. From the window display full of freshly baked scones and quirky props to when you first enter into the building is an experience in itself. If you love tea, chocolate, antique looking packaging for your keepsakes, this is the place to go.
Window Display
Window Displays 
          My cousin had managed to book us at reservation at ‘The Gallery’ for some afternoon tea. ‘The Gallery’ is just one in five restaurants where you can eat while inside of the Fortnum & Mason building. We ordered the ‘Duo of scones’ which consisted of one fruit scone, one plain scone, a serving of strawberry jam and dollop of Somerset clotted cream. I also ordered the ‘Queen Anne Blend’ Tea to go with my scones.
          To be quite honest, I had never thought much about scones. To me, they weren’t anything special and I felt I could have easily baked a batch at home. Boy, was I wrong. These scones were amazing. They were soft, slightly warm and mix that with some jam and clotted cream, wow. The fruit scone was just the same. I savoured every single bite. You could see actual strawberry pieces in the jam so it felt very home-made and the spotted cream was so delicious! It was creamy, a hint of sweetness but it just melted in your mouth and I want more!
‘Duo of Scones’ 6.75GBP (Approx. $9.75 AUD)
Our Tea Party set-up.
          I also loved the fact that the tea came in a large silver teapot with a small strainer for the tea leaves as well. I felt like such a lady sitting there sipping on my tea. We were all sitting next to the window as well so perfect view of the other surrounding buildings. As for taste, I’m not an expert on tea so I can’t comment much on the taste but it was definitely something I’ve never had before. It was quite strong, somewhere between a black and jasmine taste. If being adventurous is not your thing, ‘The Gallery’ also has a whole range of teas to choose from that include your typical black, earl grey etc.


‘Queen Anne Blend’ 5.75GBP (Approx. $8.40 AUD)

Even after reading this and you think tea and scones is still not your thing, Fortnum & Mason does have five other levels not including ‘The Gallery’ level to explore. There are hand-made chocolates, an array of tea, biscuits and quirky souvenirs to take home.


Gearing up for Valentine’s Day when we were there
Hope you all have an spectacular day!

I think I’m going to go put the kettle on.

Jo x.

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