How to: Parsley Pesto Chicken Sandwich

Hey Nibblers!

     Chicken? Check.
Rocket? Check.
Bread? Check.
Pesto? Check.
Sandwich time? Oh yeah.

When I’m trying to cut down on my carbs in my day to day life, it only heightens my obsession and lust for sandwiches. I don’t know what it is about the crusty outside and deliciously yeasty soft insides that makes me bend of my knees for more. Satisfying my cravings doesn’t come at a better time when I have leftover pesto sitting in the fridge. As mentioned in my previous ‘Parsley Pesto’ recipe post, it makes for a tasty and quick marinade when you’re low on time. So, with about half a cup left in my fridge, I just had to!

What you’ll need: [to make adequate sized two sandwiches]
– Parsley pesto (1/2 cup)
– 1 x double breasted chicken (any cut fillet would work as well)
– 1 small tomato sliced
– Handful of baby rocket/spinach (or salad mix of your choice)
– Mayonnaise
– 1/2 avocado
– Pinch of salt/pepper
– Bread (I bought a big loaf to slice into nice 1.5cm horizontal slices but use your favourite!)

How to:
1. Pre-heat oven to 150 degrees Celcius
2. Marinade your chicken and pesto mixture in a bowl for 10 – 15 minutes at room temperature
  Note: We want the chicken at almost room temperature before cooking to achieve a more tender/ even texture

3. Pop your chicken onto a lined oven tray and pop that into the oven for 20 – 25mins before taking out to rest
4. Slice those tomatoes and prep your bread, salad, mayo and avocado while the chicken is cooking in the oven if you haven’t already done so
5. Leave your chicken to cool once out of the oven for about 5 mins before slicing to not lose any of those juices
6. Slice your chicken pieces into small 5 x 0.5cm slices (Or to your preferred size)

The almonds have browned nicely, great for added crunch.

6. Assemble your sandwich. If you want to know how I make my sandwiches, just keep scrolling down.

Lay your bread on a flat surface
Smear a generous layer of mayo to each slice
Continue smearing the avocado onto one half. Add pinch of salt and pepper to season the avocado
Add your parsley pesto chicken slices
Add tomato slices
Add baby rocket/spinach leaves

          Sandwich accomplished! 
        Now, you know how it goes. If you know how to make a delicious sandwich, you’ll be sure to bag a hubby/wifey. But please, the only sandwiches I’m making are for myself. Food + my belly = best relationship ever. Seriously, you guys should try it. It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made.


Served with some chilled water with lemon slices?
Can we just say, Hello Spring?

Sandwiches are awesome because you can customise them to whatever tickles your fancy. It’s also simple and satisfying. So hope you Nibblers will give this one a try or even, leave picture responses of your own creations!

          Hope you’re all having an amazing week!
Nibble Away,

             Jo x.



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